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Thinking about publishing an Android App? Here is a step-by-step guide to publish app to Google Play Store. Assuming you already have created a singed apk from Android Studio.

Create a Google Developer Account

To publish your app, you first need to create a google developer account. But that's NOT FREE. Google Charges $25 one time fee for creating developer account.

Sign Up with your google account and complete developer account creation.

Preparing resources for Google Play Store Listing

Before you publish your app on google play store here is a list of resources that you will need.

1.) App title

2) App's short description - Max 80 Characters, You should include top keywords here.

3) App's long description - (1000-3000) characters text organised with sentences, paragraphs etc to include major keywords that your app's will be indexed on.

Store Listing

After logging into your Google Play Developer account you can create a new application

You will enter app's title and then you can fill up the complete Store Listing page

Fill all the details about your app, upload screenshots, app icon, feature graphic etc that you have prepared earlier. After submitting the store listing, it will become green on left side navigation.

App release

Now you should upload your app's apk or bundle in App releases section. You need to provide latest changes in this build.

Content Rating

You can fill content rating questionnaire only after uploading apk. In this section you will get a rating certificate for your app.

Pricing and Distribution

In this section you will select the countries in which your app will be available and is your app free or not. You also need to tell whether you app has ads or not.

App Content

In this section you need to answer some questions about your app's content. If your content is suitable for children or not. Depending on your answers your app's audience will be decided.

After you have filled all the required tabs, all your sections will become green.

Go to App releases again and review your app and submit the app.

Now wait for Play Store's review within a day or two. If reviewed successfully your app will be live.

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